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West European Politics 
Special Issue: Multilevel interest representation in the European Union: the role of national interest organizations

» West European Politics



Journal of European Public Policy 
Special Issue: Legislative Lobbying in Context. The policy and polity determinants of interest group politics in the European Union

» Journal of European Public Policy



Interest Groups and Advocacy 3(2)
Special Issue: Methodological issues of large-N research on interest representation

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De Bruycker, I. (2016). Power and position: Which EU party groups do lobbyists prioritize and why? Party Politics doi:10.1177/1354068816642805.

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Klüver, H., Mahoney, C. and Opper, M. (2015) Framing in context: how interest groups employ framing to lobby the European Commission. Journal of European Public Policy: forthcoming.

Klüver, H. and Mahoney, C. (2015) Measuring interest group framing strategies in public policy debates. Journal of Public Policy: forthcoming.