Open consultations data

Description: The 3,530 file folders provided by Christine Mahoney’s team at the University of Virginia include interest group position papers and European institution documents for all policy proposals in the broader InterEURO project, as well as all additional policy proposals that had a public consultation held during the same time period (this was to increase the sample size of the US team's study of political framing in public consultations, since many of the InterEURO proposals did not have a public consultation held). These two different samples are denoted by the folder "In Sample" (the complete set of proposals studied by the US team through computer assisted content analysis) and "Out of Sample" (all the other proposals in the InterEURO collaborative study, for which public consultations were either not held, did not have enough submissions to use the computer assisted content analysis technique or for which the consultation was too structured to use the computer assisted content analysis technique). In addition to the original interest group and institution documents, the file folders also include txt. versions, scrubbed and prepared versions of the texts, and the T-Lab software output (including raw and graphical output). Lastly, this data archive includes compiled Excel datasets with data at the interest group level, the frame/interest group cluster level, and the policy proposal level. The files are organized by folders that correspond to their abbreviated proposal names for ease of access. Together, they represent the complete set of documents used in every step of the data collection, preparation, and analysis process. The original documents and txt. version of documents could be analyzed by other scholars using a range of other content analysis software packages or hand-coding.

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