Organizational development module

The UK team, in very close collaboration with Amsterdam, Antwerp and Stuttgart colleagues, is leading INTEREURO research on organizational maintenance and the professionalization process. The main aim is to understand how interest groups become viable organizations and effective lobbying vehicles and their impact on the practice and quality of democracy within the EU. Central to this is the professionalization process and this module assesses its impact on interest group structures, mobilization and strategies.

The Organizational Module team will undertake an online survey of the interest group leaders active at the EU level and the sample will be drawn from the population data gathered by the Leiden team. The survey will investigate interest group lobbying activities, degree of professionalization, type and amount of policy information provided to policy-makers, organizational structures, degree of institutionalization and bureaucratization, sources and uses of funding (patronage), and informational strategies used to influence policy outcomes.

Prof. Dr. William Maloney
Newcastle University