Here we list all the datasets and other sources that can be used for replication purposes. More specifically, you find for each sub-project the following information: the sampling frame, questionnaires, the datasets, and codebooks. All datasets can be consulted and used freely for academic purposes. If you would like to get access to some specific parts of the data that are not in the public archive, please mail the contact person for further information. All material can be used for replication purposes on the condition that project leaders are consulted in advance and that some key references are cited. Please take a careful look at the guidelines and rules on data use before starting to download and analyze INTEREURO-data.

Short description datasetsLinks to the datasets/codebooksKey referencesContact for further information
Some guidelines and rules on data useDocument Jan Beyers
University of Antwerp
Dataset with the sample of legislative casesSample
Beyers, J., A. Dür, D. Marshall and A. Wonka (2014). Policy-Centred Sampling in Interest Group Research: Lessons from the INTEREURO-project. Interest Groups & Advocacy 3(2): 160-173.Jan Beyers
University of Antwerp
Mapping EU-level interest group populationDataset
Berkhout, J., C.J.B. Carroll, C. Braun, A.W. Chalmers, T. Destrooper, D. Lowery, S. Otjes, and A. Rasmussen. 2015. Interest organizations across economic sectors: explaining interest group density in the European Union. Journal of European Public Policy 22(4): 462-480.Joost Berkhout/Marcel Hanegraaff
University of Amsterdam
Open consultations dataDatasetsKlüver, H., C. Mahoney and M. Opper (2015). Framing in context: how interest groups employ framing to lobby the European Commission. Journal of European Public Policy 22(4): 481-498.Christine Mahoney
University of Virginia
Interviews with EC expertsDataset
Dür, A., P. Bernhagen and D. Marshall (2015). Interest Group Success in the European Union: When (and Why) Does Business Lose? Comparative Political Studies 48(8): 951-983.Andreas Dür
University of Salzburg
Interviews with interest groupsOverview
Issue files
Network files
Beyers, J., C. Braun, D. Marshall and I. De Bruycker (2014). Let’s talk! On the practice and method of interviewing policy experts. Interest Groups & Advocacy 3(2): 174-187.Jan Beyers
University of Antwerp
Media content analysisDataset
De Bruycker, I. and J. Beyers (2015). Balanced or Biased? Interest Groups and Legislative Lobbying in the European News Media. Political Communication 32(3): 453-474.Iskander De Bruycker
University of Antwerp
Frame and document analysisData 1
Data 2
Rasch, Daniel (2018). Lobbying Success in the European Union: the Role of Information and Frames. London: Routledge.Daniel Rasch
German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer