Outreach Workshop, 2 December 2014, at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS)

During this workshop the following sessions were held, chaired by David Lowery and Jan Beyers. Discussants were Martin Ohridski (EU Joint Transparency Register Secretariat), Boris Cizelj (Director and Executive Chairman of the Board of the Slovenian Business and Research Association), Marco Incerti (Head of Communications CEPS), Arco Timmermans (Professor of Public Affairs, Leiden University) and Eric Wesselius (Corporate Europe Observatory).

The Brussels interest group community

  • Representational bias and changes in the Brussels-based interest group population. What do registers tell us? (Joost Berkhout, University of Amsterdam) (paper | presentation)
  • How to deal effectively with information overload and the proliferation of consultations? (Marc Opper-Christine Mahoney, University of Virginia) (paper | presentation)

The intersection of the national and EU-level

  • How do national groups adapt to EU policymaking processes? (Rainer Eising, Rurh-University Bochum) (paper | presentation)
  • How are multi-level and multi-institutional lobby-strategies developed? (Danica Fink-Hafner, University of Ljubljana) (paper | presentation)

Strategies and framing: why and how do organized interests lobby

  • Expertise and legitimacy? What sort of information do different stakeholders transmit to policymakers (Iskander De Bruycker, University of Antwerp)
  • Try to see it my way! On frame congruence between lobbyists and Commission officials (Daniel Naurin, University of Gotheburg) (paper | presentation)

Interest group influence and success

  • Are business interests more successful than citizen groups? (Andreas Dür, University of Salzburg) (paper | presentation)
  • Is high quality policy information key to interest group success? (David Marshall, University of Aberdeen) (paper | presentation)